Exuding confidence at winning the Ballon d’Or in the nearest future, Ronaldo has named Messi as the one to win the award.


Ronaldo has won the prestigious accolade for the past two seasons, but feels Messi’s treble win with Barcelona will make him the favorite to win.

“This kind of trophy depends on votes and Messi won competitions,” Ronaldo told ITV. “He won the Champions League and La Liga.

“In terms of individual [performances] I probably did the best season of my career, which is good. I was the highest scorer in Europe.

“We share this stage at Fifa for eight years. No-one did that in the past, only us. So it’s good, I have a good relationship with him. We are not old friends but we respect each other.’

However, Ronaldo is confident he can win the title again in the future and says he expects to keep playing at the top level for many more years.

“Well I’m still young, I think… I think I can [win another Ballon d’Or],” he added.

“I want to play six, seven years more and I think I’m still able to win collective things because if you don’t win collective things, you cannot win individual awards.”

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