Pregnant Akeela Ali and her husband Fahad Bilal were seen having oral sex at Westfield shopping centre in London while their children watch them.

Captured by a CCTV camera, the couples where at the London shopping mall with their two children aged three and five when they carried out the sexual act.

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according to dailymail, In the CCTV footage, Ali was seen moving her head up and down and masturbating Bilal with her right hand as they sat on a sofa next to lifts while one of the kid sat next to them watching.

When she finished she spat into a tissue and threw it behind a plant pot in the shopping centre’s lift lobby lounge.


The couple were arrested for outraging public decency, while they appeared at Hammersmith magistrates court, Mrs Ali said her hormones were everywhere because of her pregnancy and she suddenly felt horny, so decided to start things up even though she knew it was wrong to do so in a public place.

Meanwhile, Bilal said they started kissing and one thing led to another, adding it was a ‘human mistake’.

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The couple,The unemployed couple both from Clytha Square in Newport were both banned from London for two months after admitting to the offence and must also pay a £60 victim surcharge and a £180 court charge at a rate of £10 a fortnight. 

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