The Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has maintained his posi­tion on the agitation for restructuring, insisting that the North cannot be forced into restruc­turing as demanded by the Southern parts of the country. He also boasted that those with less numerical strength at the national assembly would continue to lose on issues that are not popular to those with higher numbers.

El-Rufai, who is chair­man of the All Progres­sives Congress (APC) Panel on True Federal­ism, was emphatic when he categorically stated that it is fundamentally wrong for geo-political zone with small pop­ulation to agitate to be granted equal status with the zone with large population.

The Kaduna state governor, who spoke at the poorly attend­ed town hall meeting to engage Nigerian youths in Abuja on the controversy over the restructuring of the country, cautioned that the greatest injustice of restructuring would be trying to make “equal to become unequal and unequal to become equal”.

He boasted that re­structuring will contin­ue to die at the Nation­al Assembly with the position of the majority Northern parliamentar­ians at both the Senate and the House of Rep­resentatives, adding that with few representatives from the South, the ma­jority will always carry their way.

He said, “You can­not abolish the Senate. For those agitating for restructuring, there is constitutional means of doing so. The National Assembly, including the Senate which cannot be abolished is the final hope, for that is where the vote lies.

“We have a consti­tutional order, a due process. We are not over-slowing the docu­ment in starting afresh. The complaint that the cost of government is high and as such that we should do away with the Presidential system is not right. So, let us be pragmatic.