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Like some other communities plagued with lack of basic infrastructures, such as good roads, electricity, among others, Kabayi community in Aso Pada district of Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa State is also one that suffers the menace.

Despite sharing a boundary with the nation’s capital, Abuja, residents of the community numbering close to 25,000, cry out to the government over their inability to enjoy basic infrastructure.

According to them, despite several attempts to make their complaints known to government authorities, nothing has been done to improve the situation.


Some residents narrated their plight to Channels Television stating that many of the basic infrastructures currently enjoyed were put together by members of the community.

“In this area, we have been trying our best. Whatever you see here, even the roads, it is the community that tried and did it. This light you are seeing including the transformer, we are the ones that bought it. In short, there is nothing that we can show that the government has done for us in this community,” a resident, Usman Suleiman said.



One of the major issues which residents also battle with is flooding which consequently results in erosion, a situation which some attributed to the construction of buildings along water channels.

The residents also say that the situation has affected several businesses including hospitals, leaving people with no choice than to go outside the community to seek medical treatment.


“There was a hospital here before but because of the bad roads caused by heavy rains, the owner could not maintain it any longer and now the place is deserted. As you can see, people are suffering. If they get sick at night they must go as far as Mararraba as we don’t have any other place for medical attention,” a resident said.


Another resident, 45-year-old widow, Veronica Reuben, explained that although a portion of her house has been overtaken by erosion, she has remained there with her children because they have nowhere else to go.



Residents also reported a case of a 19-year-old girl who went missing after a heavy downpour which resulted in a flood.

Her uncle, David Uzuegbu, told Channels Television that she was coming back from her workplace at Nyanya when she got stuck and swept away by the flood.

The Nasarawa State Commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism, who also spoke to Channels Television, sympathised with the residents for their losses.

He also added that the government will continue to give the needed attention to affected areas.

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