Red Alert! Keke Boys On The Prowl In Uyo!

Earlier this week, a friend who boarded a tricycle popularly called ‘Keke Napep‘ from Zenith Bank, Abak Road, Uyo to his office in Ikot Ekpene Road lost N215,000! How? Where? When? Why? This mystery is still unsolved! He said he met a woman inside the Keke with some food stuffs (thinking maybe she was coming from the market) and there was no form of communication between them! Getting to Ikot Ekpene Road by Enterprise Bank (former AfriBank) another man boarded the same Keke, still he said no word to either passengers or even the keke driver…
Getting to his office, he found out that N215,000 got missing from the N250,000 he placed in different pockets of this Chinos trouser!
Tang iko wod inan! Is this another form of magic or what? So, you better be careful when you board any keke oo…infact check your belongings before you pay the Keke and be very observant of who is sitting next to you…Keke Napep boy are surely on the prowl!
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