Reacting to the recent pro- biafran protests, the senator representing Katsina South, Abu Ibrahim on Thursday, November 12 has said that it is better to find a socio-economic solution to the problem.


biafra protesters

Speaking to newsmen, he warned the federal government not to crush the pro-biafran protesters as it will bring more conflict to the nation.

He added that if they are crushed, it will spring up agitations which may arise to violence as the human action is unpredictable in certain situations.

“You either use compulsion or doing the right things by trying to convince people through creating jobs, providing services for everybody.

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“To me, it cannot be stopped but if economic palliatives, services, medical services, jobs, water are made available to people, all these agitation will try to be reduced.

“But if you say you want to crush it, that is the way they get wider and stronger,” he warned.

Also, he noted that Igbo people are business men who are usually seen all over the country more than any other tribe in Nigeria but know that their interest is in Nigeria.

He further added that the Igbos are very industrious and have a lot of businesses which will require huge markets to expand.

“If they break off, the consequences will be that they have to leave other states of the federation to go to Biafra.

“But as I have said, the vogue now in the world is that more nations are integrating because you need bigger market, the competition is so intense that the internal markets are becoming very important,” he said.

However, Ibrahim pointed out that the country will be divided and disintegration of nations was no longer in vogue. He added that breaking away will not profit the Igbos.

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He cited an example using South Sudan, a small country that pulled out of Sudan, as they have grown worse since their separation.

“Look at the whole of Europe, they are doing EU, they are almost integrated but since Sudan left Sudan, they have been fighting and killing themselves,” he said.

He exemplified that even China which used to rely on export has refocused to harness the about one billion market it has within its borders adding that Nigeria will be more productive with 200 million population Nigeria as a peaceful nation than divided small nations.

However, he concluded by saying that no one chooses where to belong to as that God had created every man and placed him in the country that he or she was destined to be in. recalls that there had been protests in some parts of the country especially in states like Delta, Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Bayelsa and Rivers, calling for his immediate release of the director of Radio Biafra and leader of the IPOB by the Depart of State Service (DSS).

Meanwhile, the Nigerian army has warned agitators clamouring for the state of Biafra that the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them.

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