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Our attention has been drawn to a mischievous information making the rounds on social, print and electronic media of an alleged sponsorship of a protest in Mkpat Enin by the House Member representing the area, Hon. Otobong Ndem purportedly against the governor of the state concerning an alleged negligence in the list of newly appointed supervisors in the local government.

Normally, we wouldn’t bother to dignify these mischief makers with a reply as they are not deserving of one, but for the purpose of clarity and to inform the public of the true situation of things, hence this rejoinder.

It is absolutely ridiculous that the House Member, who’s nominees have been clearly included in the list of supervisors, would turn around to sponsor a protest against a list which his interest has been clearly accommodated. It just doesnt make sense.

In the run in to the party primaries few months from now, certain disgruntled elements have resorted to cheap blackmail and propaganda to tarnish the lawmaker’s hard earned reputation and cordial and friendly relationship with the governor. That notwithstanding, they will not succeed.

To the general public, kindly disregard and ignore such information as it’s clearly the work of mischief makers and to deceive members of the unsuspecting public.

Hon Ndem is still focused on his primary responsibility of lawmaking and effective representation of the good people of Mkpat Enin in the House of Assembly.

God bless Mkpat Enin LG
God bless Akwa Ibom State

Kufre Carter
P.A on Media

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