Priscilla's Escapades

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I blushed as I fantasised about Asemota, the flush suffusing the very end of my tits, flooding into my nipples as the force keeps growing within me.

Priscilla’s Escapades are a series of fictional stories conjured from the mind of a creative writer for the delight of readers.

As I looked at the expensive vermeil mirror strategically placed in my large bedroom, just inches away from the door of my bathroom, I admire myself, my beauty, my existence and the reflection of the figure I see.

I wondered why any man in his right frame of mind would refuse me, my sexual advances, gestures or even my invitation to have a taste of my honey pot on a platter of gold.

My well rotund breasts mounding from my chest, my red-bean sized nipples plainly visible, tingling and aching to be touched while my hips settled comfortably on the stool I was sitting on ready to get my body creamed for the night.

I looked at my favourite flannel nightgown and lustfully wondered how interesting and memorable it would have been if Asemota had made through his promise and joined me for dinner.

Alas, the well chiselled and athletic framed body of Aseomta won’t be joining me in my bed; neither would he be making my body savour the sweetness of his historical sexual bout. Yet my bosom is not only calling for Asemota’s hold, it’s also yearning for his cock, which I learnt, has become synonymous with giving multiple orgasms with no holds barred.

Gosh! Earlier in the day, I had worn a figure hugging long skirt with a subtle slit that readily pointed out my curves leaving the rest to imagination. I also wore a high neck blouse that was tight fitting enough to at least carve out my upper sexiness and earn compliments from several individuals.

Yet, Asemota seemed the only one who didn’t bother to even give me a second look let alone a simple compliment. Though I have heard his ‘sexual escapades’ with a colleague, who holds tight on him like they were married, I still longed for him.

I longed to hear him say ‘Priscy, you look good today’ but I guess hearing those words were more of a wishful thinking than reality because they never came.

Asemota is the company’s head project supervisor and a darling at heart. His husky voice sends shivers down the male’s spine but leaves the female folks wet to their bosom. His words were authoritative yet tender to the ears whenever I listened.


Ordinarily, just a file on each project settles the trouble of seeing Asemota but I long for him daily so much that I ensure I personally visit his office to discuss the company’s interest on every project and sometimes prolong what aren’t necessary just to be in his world, listen to him talk and secretly fill my desire before the end of the day.

Even when I throw compliments at him, he seldom responds. And I wonder has anyone told him anything about me? Did he know about my escapade with Matthew Tapgun – even though it was just a brief one and we were both drunk?

But, I’ve come to terms with the reality that probably Asemota is the type that loves to chase his women and not the other way round, thus, I have decided to be chased but how do I get chased when this gorgeous looking man from my state isn’t even giving me a second look?

How I long to be in his arm, covered in his athletic frame and left with no fear in world with the belief that I’m safe in his arms.

I had ‘innocently’ asked if he was free to join me in my home for dinner on the pretence that I turned a year older and would be inviting only few and close-knit friends over for the occasion. He had only let out a smile that melted my heart and tersely said, ‘Happy Birthday, I’d see if I can make it.’

And just as I was jolted back to reality – still sitting on the stool just in front of the vermeil mirror – my body long for Asemota’s touch, right in my head, I could imagine how blissful his touches, the scent of his smell, how the dampness of his pinkish lips settling on my small curvy lips would taste.

Suddenly, my breathing sped up and I clutched at my chest between the subtle bulges of my breasts, feeling a warmth rise up within me and spreading so fast to the rest of my body.

I blushed as I fantasised about Asemota, the flush suffusing the very end of my tits, flooding into my nipples as the force keeps growing within me.

I felt a quivering in my loins and a clenching in my chest all at once as I folded my hands over my full breasts, fondling them and leaving my labia to tighten between my thighs as my clitoris and nipples slowly hardened and almost erected, when I heard the doorbell.

The sound abruptly ended the sensual feeling that just quaked through me and causing my whole body to throb!

‘Who the heck is that?’ I had queried as I walked through the lobby to the living room where I checked the time. It was 10:05pm and I thundered again, ‘who is there?’

With no response, a part of me wanted to worry but I was past caring and I went ahead to open up.

And there he was. My Asemota eventually showed up looking at me lustfully and smelling just the way I had imagined.


Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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