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One person was on Saturday morning brought out dead from the rubbles of a seven-story building which collapsed on Friday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Twenty-six persons were rescued with one of them badly injured with an amputated hand.

The rescue operations were carried out by emergency workers and security agencies overnight.

However, the rescue operators believe that more bodies are still buried under the rubbles. Efforts are currently on to clear it as voices are been heard from under the rubble of the collapsed building.

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The seven-storey building which is located on Woji road in the Port Harcourt G.R.A. was under construction when it collapsed around 4:30 pm on Friday.

About 60 persons – mainly construction workers – were said to have been working on it when it collapsed.

One of the construction workers told Channels Television that he had just left the building when he heard a loud bang and turned around to discover what had happened.

He explained that there were many workers in the building when the incident occurred because they are usually paid for the week on Fridays.


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