“Police Brutality Is a Plague!” Ada Slim Blasts Okon The Comedian For Justifying Police Who Raped Prostitutes

Ada slim blasts okon police

After the blasts that Okon the comedian received from followers, Ada Slim has a rather different way of correcting him. She gives the instance of someone she knows who was raped and says that there’s no difference between her predicament and the prostitute’s predicament.

Ada Slim blasts Okon, adding that police brutality doesn’t only involve raping of women, but killing of men and assaulting citizens that they are supposed to protect. In addition, the raped women shouldn’t be shamed but defended, for the act was done without their consent.

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Few months ago, a teenage mentee of mine got raped by her Keke driver on her way home from writing GCE. Her father and I agreed not to inform her hypertensive mother but we have been so broken by the incident. Is she also a “low self esteem ashawo”Police brutality in Nigeria is a plague! Hitting our men with their guns, shooting them on the legs for no reason, arresting them for their swag , stray bullets everywhere…the list is long….these are enough issues to deal with and now our woman ain’t even safe!

Speak up against police abuse & brutality, not against women in mini skirts most of whom were innocent citizens anyway.

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