BY Tom FredFish

Nigeria is today bedeviled by intractable problems which over the years seems difficult to solve. Vices such as, corruption, nepotism, kidnapping, electoral fraud, injustice, insecurity, assassination, armed robbery, examination malpractices, senseless looting of public funds, unemployment, thuggery and too many to count were the reasons Nigerians voted out the PDP and welcomed the APC in 2015.

One can say that these vices you put together are the problems inherent in Nigeria and partially orchestrated by the long stay of the military in governance from 1967. These problems that are known to us were the same problems that “saint” Buhari was voted in to solve but since assuming office, he has been giving excuses and blaming previous governments of the PDP. One of such excuses was that he didn’t realise Nigeria’s problems were that huge, very dump excuse – who doesn’t know of Nigeria’s incubus problem? Even a new born baby birthed into Nigeria feels the discomfiture with the type of medicare / environment on entrance.

Let’s take a look at Nigeria’s electoral system and INEC for instance. The president himself, who has enormous experience as a regular “customer” in contesting elections marred with irregularities, should have focussed on ensuring that this country gets her electoral system right but no; Buhari doesn’t care as far as he has fulfilled his life long ambition to be a civilian president of Nigeria. The only attempt at real reforms in INEC was done by late president, late Yar Adua, (may his soul rest in peace).

I have always opined that there are only two reforms needed to change this country: the electoral and judicial reforms. The day aspirants know that money cannot make them win elections but the quality of plans / articulate manifestoes that they have for the people, mediocres, uninnovative and senseless looters will not attempt to run for any elective position. More so, if the judicial system is reformed, crimes such as corruption, electoral malpractice and armed robbery will reduce knowing well that connections will not help you neither can you buy votes or court judgements.

One is forced to ask at this juncture, what has happened to the goodwill given to baba Buhari in 2016? He used it as tissue paper, some would say but the truth is that, he is cluessless, incompetent and a product of a grand conspiracy to pull down a particular person from office.

This very Buhari has shamed and disappointed many Nigerians. Any one supporting him does so out of partisanship. No true and patriotic person will support him knowing the great expectations Nigerians had of him and how he waggled his mouth that he was up to the challenge, (he has even committed OBT, obtaining the presidency by false pretense).

My irreversible conclusion is that president Buhari has no honour. people who know me too well know that I will resign any position that I cannot make impact or which does not give me the satisfaction needed. Buhari should be honorable for once. He should resign as Nigeria’s Petrol Minister and allow capable had to solve our oil crisis.

Worse off is when you ask PMB supporters to show you a single problem solved by PMB since he became president, none would be provided apart from nomenclatures of self attrition and partisanship defence.

This country needs spiritual bath that will come in the form of wild fire to consume our hypocrisy and renew our mentality to eschew money politics, sentiments and other terrible vices that has derailed Nigeria’s development over the years. When this is done, we can talk of a new Nigeria. But for now, we should adopt the option of voting out any incompetent president who rode to presidency through lies starting from PMB; one day perhaps, we may get ome that will the job done.

Buhari is a total misfit for this current job. Give him a hundred years nothing will change. He is a square peg in a round hole.

_Tom Fredfish is a media consultancy and the managing partner of Fishbone Brandyte International, Uyo._