Good news! Planet Radio 101.1FM Uyo is about to commence commercial broadcast! The radio station announced that they are scheduled to start commercial broadcast tomorrow Sunday 9th June 2013! If you’re resident in Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Rivers, Enugu, Imo, Ebonyi etc, we’re sure you’d notice this radio station doling out those good tunes without making a single announcement or comment for over three weeks now! In Akwa Ibom State, we now have options! So feel free to check ’em out from tomorrow.

Journalists and broadcasters in Akwa Ibom State have expressed delight over the arrival of Planet Radio 101.1FM with a remark that it will propel media diversity and enhance access to information. Until the arrival of Planet FM Radio,there was no private radio station in the state as the two existing stations, AKBC Radio and Atlantic FM, are owned by the State and Federal Governments, respectively.

Planet Radio 101.1FM Uyo announced their jump into commercial broadcast Saturday evening on their Facebook page…in their words…

Hi Guys,

THIS IS IT……Planet radio 101.1 fm Uyo jumps off into commercial broadcast on Sunday 9th June 2013.
The microphones will come alive and an open mic will feature the On Air Personalities giving it up so you can live it up.
The jump off will be @ 06:00hrs………..(6am)
Be rest assured that you will be blown away………….
Thanks , and keep it locked down on Planet Radio 101.1 fm Uyo……. Revolving Around You.

Well, lets see what they will do differently…

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