This is the moment of a wilbeest making an incredible escape from the crocodile’s deadly teeth in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

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The unbelievable escape was captured by award winning wildlife photographer Andrey Gudkov who commented on the scene saying: “The greatest drama of African wildlife was unfolding in front of my eyes. One of the most dramatic moments happened towards the end of the day and developed into one big photo-story. 

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I was watching one wildebeest, having lost its little one, as she was lashing from one bank to another hoping to find it. But all the attempts were in vain because it was impossible to hear a calf’s shouts in the enormous roaring herd.


She found herself alone on the opposite bank of the river and needed to cross one more time. A huge crocodile was waiting in the river to grab the easy trophy. The wildebeest jumped into the river with no hesitation even though she had definitely seen the crocodile. The bank was about sixty feet away.

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A huge crowd of tourists froze inside their cars waiting for the outcome. The distance between the crocodile and the wildebeest was shortening fast. Suddenly the crocodile snapped his jaws, just at that moment the wildebeest jumped out of the water and smashed the crocodile in the head with the hooves of her back legs.


The predator was confused, only for a second, but this was enough time for our brave wildebeest to reach the safe bank and join the herd. Both sides of Mara River burst with rapturous applause and cheering from tourists. I called this picture “Jump of Life”.”

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The Great Migration is one of the most impressive natural events worldwide, involving some 1,300,000 wildebeest, 500,000 Thomson’s gazelles, 97,000 Topi, 18,000 elands, and 200,000 zebras. These migrants are followed along their annual, circular route by hungry predators, most notably lions and hyena.


Nowhere in the world is there a movement of animals as immense as the wildebeest migration, over two million animals migrate from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the greener pastures of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya during July through to October.

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