New video of ISIS militants shooting down 200 Syrian children in a savage mass execution has recently surfaced online.

The sickening  footage shows around 200 Syrian children lying face down on the ground with a dozen of ISIS militants behind them with assault rifles and machine guns. The helpless children are bound and can’t move as their masked executors are calmly walking along the row.

isis shoot children

At one point one of the gunmen opens fire, shooting one child by one. Other shooters join in, with one of them heard screaming “Allahu akbar” and dust rises around their little victims.

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isis shoot strian chldren

And although the video still needs verification experts believe that it was filmed as part of ISIS extensive propaganda in 2014 in Syria. The children are thought to be refugees fleeing violence in their country.

isis killing children

The terrorist group is notorious for horrific means of execution, including mass killings, public beheadings, dismemberment, running over with tanks and throwing people from tall buildings.

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isis propaganda

It’s not the first time ISIS have executed children — last year they murdered 1,700 military cadets in Saddam Hussein’s former presidential quarters in Iraq. Warning! The latest video, which has been circulated online by anti-ISIS activists, lasts less than 30 seconds but is too graphic to watch.

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