PERV ALERT!! Married Father-Of-Three Admits To Having Sex With A Horse

PERV ALERT!! Married Father-Of-Three Admits To Having Sex With A Horse

Like why?! I don’t understand. You have a wife and three amazing kids. And of all things to satisfy your sexual perversion, you had to pick a horse.

Personally, I feel for the wife having to find out your hubs is into bestiality, now that ain’t kinky at all.

CCTV footage revealed that this dude patiently looked for a container to stand on before he began the sordid act. He was high, but still knew he had to climb something to get to the horse, how?! I disagree.

Last August, Alan Blackman was arrested after the animal was found injured at a stable in Norfolk, where he pleaded not guilty.

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Finally pleading innocent in September after a video recording of the sexual encounter with the horse showed the bestial assault lasted more than an hour.

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Alan’s wife, Sarah Blackman, 25, sat through the hearing in Norwich Crown Court, while listening to her husband confess to the ‘horrifying’ crime.

The judge presiding told him ‘you recorded this possibly because it is something you yourself might watch again or because it was something you might want others to watch. Unfortunately as a result of your actions, the horse sustained injuries’. He was sentenced to fourteen months in prison.

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He claimed he was high on cocaine, large quantities of alcohol and amphetamines and couldn’t remember the act.

A sergeant who spoke after the sentencing had this to say ‘this was a shocking attack, which was not only distressing for the horse, but for the owners too. Blackman targeted a defenseless animal causing serious injuries, which is particularly harrowing. No one or no animal deserves this kind of attack’.

He added that ‘crimes such as this are very rare and today’s sentencing will hopefully send out a strong message that this sort of crime will not be tolerated and the justice system will come down hard on those who feel they can get away with such a horrifying crime’.

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