One of the major President Buhari’s election campaign promises was that all unemployed Nigerian youths would be paid N5,000 for until they get employment. But in a radical shift on Wednesday the Senators from the All Progressives Congress rejected a motion.


In reaction to the development, Nigerians from all around the coutry took to social media to express their anger and disappointment.

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It is wise for a father to fulfill his promise to his children, Baba pay us #Our5k ASAP

— KING SKIWO (@Skiwo) November 5, 2015

Okoronkwo Walter: Why unemployed youths? How about the unemployed non youths? Why can’t this system create employment opportunities for our able bodied individuals instead of trying to create another Avenue for fraud. Even if the N5000 is approved, it will not be paid to the recipients as at when due, it will end up in the bank account of some government officials.I am in support of unemployment benefits, but it is a pity that my country Nigeria is not disciplined enough to embark on such a program due to corruption. Come on guys, let’s call a spade a spade.We are corrupt period.

Odey Christopher: I can imagine it, why pay 5000 to youth. The president said that Nigerians are lazy and he want to add to our laziness by bribing is with 5000.We need employment not pocket money.

Broken vows are like broken mirrors. They leave those who make them bleeding and staring at fractured images of themselves. We need #Our5k — Nothing To Say ⚡ (@RadicalYouthMan) November 5, 2015

  Calixtus Eddy: Evil men that squander the monies of this nation without any drop of sweat from their hideous faces. How much is 5000 that will make you people to reject such a bill. No wonder naija is a place where the rich get richer and the poor becoming extremely poorer. Chibundu Amos Abianuta: Dat’s a lie from the pit of hell, this is a plan work, the senate dat i know, after conferming all the corrupt minister nominated by#Buhari, this same senate can not go against their president, just bcus APC govt cant fulfil their promise of Paying all the poor people #5,000 monthly, they want to make it look as if” The Senate rejected it, #Buhari must fulfil his campaign promise, he can only deceive the almaljiris, he cannot deceive me, #APC_shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Goodluck Jonathan gave us SURE-P and made many of us CEO’s and entrepreneurs, You @MBuhari rubbished all that & promised us #Our5k, Wey am ? — Nothing To Say ⚡ (@RadicalYouthMan) November 5, 2015

Muhammad Adamu: This is serious injustice because law makers had already collected million of naira as their wardrobe allowances why are they rejecting 5,000 naira for poor unemployed youths. Ephraim Chimuanya: I have demanded that the youth go on street over this that why u hardly see a thief in Europe because the govt pays them salaries once u are not working but our own leaders will never learn from developed country.

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If we don’t demand for #Our5k That means any party can just wake up tomorrow and promise to bring snow to Umuahia and we vote for them. — Ebube 5% (@akaebube) November 5, 2015

Koko Joseph Joe: Hahahahaha Yoruba youths don enter one chance o. They voted for free food and N5,000 monthly.

Pat Ugwu II: Who can define UNEMPLOYED YOUTH for me. The time we went for immigration job, I saw teachers, bricklayers, policemen and bankers. Every youth in Nigeria is unemployed bcus doz dat re self employed want a paid job, doz workin in private firms wnt a govt job, doz dat re workin wt state govt wnt a federal job, doz dat re workin fed job wnt to move to another ministry in dsame fed job. APC define UNEMPLOYED YOUTHS.

NwaIgbo Biafra Chukwu: APC change, APC promise and fail. Senators collect pay in millions, but just 5000 naira to unemploye youth there say no, create job no, Nigeria which way.

@APCNigeria @MBuhari @NGRPresident Pay us #Our5k

— Mr Tomide (@Tomyboiz) November 5, 2015

Austin Emy: APC senators reject 5000k stipend for the the unemployed graduates. Hope all the Abokis and Almajiris youths that were shouting Sai Baba has been disappointed by their apostle of change. They will also vote against the free meal in school. Unfortunately the APC senators allowed themselves to be used as guinea pig. Buhari already know he can’t fulfilled any of his campaign promises. Monday Chiadikobi Alefia: It is unfortunate that the same APC that campaigned with this #5000 for the unemployed youths are now kicking against it now when they know that PMB works with the constitution and can not implement what is not in the constitution. This means they APC stole the Votes of the Unemployed youths in Nigeria. Its unfortunate that APC failed their first Test. For me I am not disappointed because I knew PDP and APC where all same just different of numenclature. We should watch the President (PMB) on this issue before we include Him, let’s see his Body movement and know if He can pay this #5000 without the Constitution and wheather He will disappoint the unemployed youths in Nigeria which He Promised during his campaigns.

Una dey owe unemployed Nigerians at least 3 months Salary. #Our5k

— Beta Pikin (@betadey9ja) November 5, 2015

Paschal Chiagozie Okafor: just check how many are we in this country 177,000,000 millions population perhaps we have many of the so called politicians siphoning billions of naira from government coffer one person alone so tell me the reasons why they could not abort such a policy to enrich themself, his excellency should act without their approval hence it focuses on the human infrastructure he should carry it on

Celestine Onyema: Someone should tell Buhari that this is not a military regime, it is a democratic set up and no one does a thing without the agreement of the three arms of government. Meanwhile he must deliver on his campaign promises to avoid painting his name on the mud.

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