The latest has just been heard in the line of preparations for Akwa Ibom Orange Carnival 2012 Special Jubilee edition. The organizers of the popular Orange Carnival will be receiving media and hosting support from Atlantic FM for the Silver Jubilee Special edition which is to hold on Saturday, September 22nd within the Uyo Metropolis.This was confirmed by Nelson NseAbasi after a closed door meeting with the Marketing Manager of Radio Nigeria Atlantic FM- Mr. Fidelis, who granted the Orange Carnival crew special hosting preference at the planned ANNIVERSARY UNITY CONCERT at Playground with 50, 000 football fans.

On behalf of the Orange Carnival team, Mr. Nelson NseAbasi appreciated the Radio Nigeria Atlantic FM crew for their support in previous editions, and promised a more colorful outing this year.

This development means that the Orange Carnival Train will terminate the celebrations at The Playground on Brooks Street after touching major parts of the state.

The annual Orange Carnival is an initiative of S.O.S, receiving maximum support from Akwa Ibom State Youths for Cultural Development, Talents & Ethical Orientation, and Abstract Works Nigeria Limited. The 2012 edition of Orange Carnival will feature 25 maidens, 25 carnival bands, and Music & Nollywood stars amongst other special features.

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