One Week one Trouble for Nsima Ekere

…Refuses to release N700m to fund President’s visit to Rivers State

…Asks by Ekpurikpu Akwa Ibom to face Abak people

…Warned by an inlaw to beware of resigning from NDDC

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By Our Reporter

The last one week has been that of troubles for the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission Mr. Nsima Ekere 

Stories awash the media last week of Obong Nsima Ekere preparing to resign  sometime around June this year in preparation for the Primary election of the All Progressives Congress for his pursuit of the ticket of the Party for the 2019 gubernatorial election is no longer strange.

What may appear stunning is the currunt web of allegations, challenges, and or warnings coming as pieces of advice to the NDDC boss from persons and groups claiming to be on his side.

This paper learnt that the planned visit of Mr President, His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari to the oil rich state of the Niger Delta Region(Rivers State)  any time soon, may be marred by the alleged non-refusal of the NDDC boss, Obong Nsima Ekere to make available the sum of N700m from the NDDC coffers for Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transport, an indigene of the State, to fix the said event.

Fillers monitored from an online post reveal that the NDDC MD may be stepping on toes by his rebuff.  The report said Amaechi met Ekere in Abuja and told him that the South-South caucus of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has mandated him to source funds from the Commission to give Buhari a lifetime and unprecedented reception when he visits Rivers State. The NDDC boss is said to have told Amaechi that he will get back to him after consulting with his team in Port Harcourt.

It is learnt that trouble started when the Commission’s Executive Director Finance and Administration, Mr. Derek Mene who is Magnus Abe’s ally advised the MD not to release the N700m Amaechi demanded for because, Amaechi just want to use it to show strength that he is on ground and to deceive the president that all is well with the party in the state.

Nsima Ekere allegedly told Amaechi that the Commission does not have such money for frivolities at the moment, but Amaechi tried to explain why they need to replicate the crowd that received the president in Kano but Mr Ekere is said to have refused.

The report said Rotimi Amaechi allegedly promised Nsima Ekere that he will ensure he is called upon to answer questions on his loyalty to President Buhari and APC after the president’s visit to Rivers State.

It was not clear as at press time what was the reaction of the Party echelon at the national as neither the Party leadership in the state nor Ekere’s aides could be reached for comments.

Meanwhile, a group that calls itself Ekpurikpu Akwa Ibom challenged the NDDC boss to face Abak people and explain how Akwa Ibom state government forced contractors not to do Hospital Road, Abak.

In a facebook post captioned, “NSIMA EKERE, PLEASE FACE ABAK PEOPLE” which went viral, the group alleged that on August 11, 2017, Nsima Ekere, of NDDC awarded the contract for the construction of Hospital Road, Abak, equipment to the area and drove around pretending to so something on August 12, 2017 but later abandoned the road for the entire dry season of 7 months.

The group stated that in March 2018, Nsima Ekere says the contractor stopped work because of pressure from the state government, adding that the contract for the road had been terminated.


The group alleges further that Nsima Ekere carefully avoided visiting Abak LGA during the burial of the late brother of the sitting deputy governor Mr Moses Ekpo, for fear of being booed, adding that he is the only former deputy governor to boycott the burial of the brother to the current deputy governor, Mr Moses Ekpo, only to show up the next day in Oruk Anam, attending a wedding of his friend’s daughter.

While still thinking of what to make of these murky situations, an inlaw of the former deputy governor has warned him to beware of those persons milling around him and urging him to resign his NDDC job to contest the 2019 governorship election, adding that those persons were invariably digging his grave.

The popular comedian, Emmanuel Owuolla told Ekere what he termed bitter truth in an open letter titled, “OPEN LETTER TO MY DEAR INLAW OBONG NSIMA EKERE” posted on facebook. Owuolla praised his inlaw for his wonderful performance in the NDDC but appealed to him to stay put on that job and prepare himself for the future which he said was brighter for his inlaw.

He said those dancing around his inlaw were doing so to get his money and would abandon him when the chips are down.  Emmanuel advised Mr Ekere not to waste his time to contest the 2019 election as the sitting governor Udom Emmanuel was loved by all, hence would be voted to return to the hilltop mansion come May 2019.

Hear his letter quoted in part, “Is it true that the same people that chop your money in 2015 telling you that you will win election as Governor of Akwa Ibom State have come back again to tell you to resign from this your God given office as NDDC MD and contest again in 2019? Ogom, is what I’m hearing true? That you will contest? Chai! The devil is a lier. Ogom these people are very wicked. Why are they like this? Eh inlaw? Why?

“Well, as your inlaw, God will not forgive me if I see a bad thing coming to you and I allow it. Inlaw please, biko, abeg, no listen to them. Do you know why? They want to finish you completely. I don’t know what you have done to them to make them want to do you this kind of wickedness, God will not forgive them. So they want my sister to stay hungry in this land eh kwa? It won’t work!

“Ogom, do you know why you won’t win Governorship come 2019? Oya let me tell you.

“1. Gov Udom Emmanuel is everywhere like air and PDP is a religion in Akwa Ibom State. Inlaw Udom Emmanuel has performed very very well that even all the market women, students, youths, Elders, children plus all those inside the villages love him so much. They have decided to vote for him come 2019 o. “Meanwhile all those people that come and tell you that they are working for you are not doing anything. All they are doing is chopping the money you give to them to work.

“2. Your Oga President and political party have spoilt everything for you. Shey you know that an average Nigerian is praying for 2019 to come quickly so they can vote him out because of the kind of hardship he has brought to Nigerians. Or is it the killing of people by their brothers (herdsmen)? Plenty things I may not mention here before they say it’s hate speech, but you know them.

“3. All those working for and with Gov Udom are very powerful and are busy getting the love of the people for Gov Udom Emmanuel. Okay let me explain this one. Ogom, everyday you hear of Constituency Briefing by Lawmakers, different Empowerment Programs by Commissioners, Local Government Chairmen are active, His SAs are trying, the party is working, all these is to get the heart of everyone which they have done. And in the other hand, how many of those people deceiving you even come back home to buy even pure water for your supposed supporters? All they keep telling them is that when they approve budget, that you will give them contract, Sir how many contracts can you give to go round the state? Noooooo, think am na.

“Ikot Ekpene is block vote for Udom because of Godswill Akpabio and his team plus Udom team wey dey dia. Uyo Senatorial District nko? Bassey Albert, Onofiok Luke, Akan Okon, Iniobong Ekong, Enobong Uwah, Iniobong Essien, Linus Nkan, Charles Udoh, inlaw dem full dia, I no fit mention names because you know them. Eket Senatorial District that one na over the bar o, Udom team full dia over o. Ephraim Inyang, Okpulopubom Ette, Victor Antai, Hensek for your Ikot Abasi, Infact mek I no mention names, Ogom dem over full for dia o… Now tell me, which of those your men can match these people wey I mention for ground? plus the ones wey I no fit mention? Dem don even see food chop finish? You don even think of Paul Politics Ekpo? Oga think am abeg. No even think of Umana Umana o, because that one dey eye 2023 o, so lai lai him no go support you.

“Well, Ogom, I juz say mek I let you know say if you make any attempt to resign eh, all those people wey dey chop your money go run leave you and my sister. Infact sef, dem don even start to lobby who will take over from you. And you go shock when eventually you loose the election and they can’t assist you like you are doing to them”.

As at the time of going to press neither Obong Nsima Ekere nor any of his media goons reacted to the said posts which went viral in many social media platforms.

Culled from The Wave Newspaper

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