Ohanaeze Ndi’Igbo warns against attacks on it’s President General, Barrister Nnia Nwodo

Ohanaeze Ndi’Igbo has reacted to the recent attacks against the person of the President General of the Organization, Barrister Nnia Nwodo

The group in a statement noted that; 
The deluge of attacks on the person of the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Barrister Nnia Nwodo is very unfair and uncharitable. Ironically most of those attacking him have no roadmap for the future and progress of Ndigbo except their staccato sentimental vituperatons that have nothing to do with the reality on ground. They simply have no plan for what would have happened to twelve million Igbos in the North if the Northern Youths had carried out their quit threats to Ndigbo in October 1.
The truth is some of these attackers are agents of some groups and individuals outside Nigeria who fund and promise them an eldorado and when the chips are down they would abandon them to their fate .


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None of the rabble rousers is more Biafran than Chief Nnia Nwodo who almost lost his life in Biafra. Nwodo has made it clear that Biafra can only be gotten through war or Referendum . War is not an option for Ndigbo that have seen the devastations of war before. Referendum can only be gotten through the UN, AU and ofcouser co-operation of the Nigerian National Assembly. But until that happens the Ohanaeze Ndigbo will with other progressive forces in Nigeria continue to clamour for the Restructuring of Nigeria.

Dr Dozie Ikedife who is unfortunately among those throwing tantrums against Nwodo had his son contest for Anambra Governorship under APC. He received Buhari at his home in 2015.

The truth is that there is a lot of deceit , untruths and hlaf truths in the camp of some of those who pretend to be more Biafran than other Igbos. There is also a fame and fortune seeking spree in the whole thing. Ofcourse there are genuine agitators and mere noise makers and fortune seekers . No single Igbo man should die again in the struggle for a better deal in Nigeria. These are the stands of Barr Nnia Nwodo.

Those who are now bashing Barr Nwodo are warrned to desist from their antics or the gods of Igbo land will punish them for their unpatriotism. They are the real enemies of Ndigbo. It is agreed by Ndigbo all over the world that the new National Executive Committee of Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by Barr Nnia Nwodo has given Ndigbo committed and firm leadership in the last one year and nobody can tarnish that.

Meanwhile Igbos from home and abroad will storm Abagana in Anambra state and Mbaitolu in Imo state on January 2nd , 2018 and December 28, 2017 to mark the IGBO INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND GOOD GOVERNANCE RETREAT AND THE IGBO INTERNATIONAL XMAS RETREAT.

The events will be hosted by Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze, Onowu Abagana and President ot the Igbo World Assemby and Prince Eze Madumere, the Imo state Deputy Governor

Thousands of Igbos are expected at both occassions and at the Akuruoulo lecture series holding at Gregory University Uturu Okigwe in Abia state on December 22nd , 207C

Meanwhile Ohanaeze Ndigbo has coondemned the gestapo manner the Chairman and CEO of Innoson group of companies , Chief Innocent Chukwuma was arrested by agents of the EFCC. The President General Barr Nnia Nwodo lamented that Chief Innocent Chukwuma who is a major employment generator in Nigeria could be treated in this shabby manner , no matter what the issues were when several other business moguls in Nigeria who may have at various times ran foul of state or corporate laws have never been demeaned in that atrocious manner.

Perhaps Chief Chukwuma got that vexatious treatment because of where he came from. Its similar to what happened when Shagari was overthrown by Gen Buhari and was placed on House Arrest while his Vice, Dr Alex Ekwueme was sent to Kirikiri prison , Nwodo lamented.

He warned that this kind of descriminatory treatment portends great danger to the corporate exisence of the country . He also condemned the re-instatement and promotion of the police officer that killed six Igbo traders at Apo village in 2005 Ibrahim Danjuma and called on the federal government to reverse that wicked and inhuman decision.

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