The Former Ekiti State governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi has declared that the present government of Ayodele Fayose has destroyed all of the people oriented projects his administration started thereby exposing Ekiti people to untold hardship and backwardness. For these, he claims that nothing would stop Fayose from going to jail should he win the coming gubernatorial election.
Fayemi said: “ I am in the race to win. I shall be campaigning on the strength of my past achievements as governor of the state and the achievements of the President Buhari –led APC government at the centre.
“Every time I move around, I see the suffering and penury our people are going through. I saw their pain and pangs of not knowing where the next meal will come from.
“It is even more painful when you realise that all the people-oriented programmes, designed and implemented by my administration and which helped to lift the people out of poverty and misery had been cancelled.
“The social security scheme for the elderly citizens has been cancelled, Youth in Commercial Agriculture Scheme (YCAD) has been cancelled, no free education for our children, EKSTMA is no more.
“The state is no longer moving forward just because a charlatan is in the saddle.
“We will do everything that is required to win Ekiti back, they will accuse us of using federal might. Although power belongs to God and he gives it to whosoever he wishes. The PDP government in Ekiti, knows their time is up and that is why they are jittery and resorting to all manners of pranks.
“They are now dangling their white paper. Their white paper is nothing but a tissue paper. That is why we must tell the man who is shouting around that he has a White Paper, we have a red card for him and his party. We will ensure that he will end up in jail.”
“When I come before you, it is with profound need for the unfinished business, we need to complete what we started, reclaim our land and restore our land.
“Anywhere Ekiti people go, people subject us to questions that what is wrong with you Ekiti people? We thought you are educated, we thought you are exposed, how do you come up with a character like this as governor?
“It is time to put a stop to that; it is not about title, it is about sacrifice and whatever it will take us to free Ekiti from these criminal and rapacious brigands, we will do it.” He added.

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