This is to inform you that Nomination has officially began for the most celebrated youth awards. Dynamix Award is organized annually to celebrate Nigerian youths, with a special focus on those in the higher institutions of learning. According to Tunde Alade; the Dynamix Award progenitor, “It is not just about the Dynamix All Youth Awards, it’s about everything that affects the everyday young Nigerian”. Nomination is exclusive to the Dynamix Awards website, and the award is not just for the young, but also for the young at heart.

Tunde is an epitome of the new Nigerian youth, working towards an envisaged future and passionate about getting to the destination no matter how long it takes. He and his team have over the years, placed priority on youth passions such as Music, Academics, Sports, and Fashion, etc, giving youths a medium and forum to express themselves, meet new friends and be connected to old ones.

The Dynamix group also publishes Dynamix Magazine and Dynamix on TV, upholding values, encouraging creativity and excellence, while giving updates about the Nigerian youth home and abroad.

Details of the annual Dynamix all youth awards will be disseminated here to include voting and participation in the awards. Dynamix Award has received brand sponsorship support from top telecommunication brands, sponsors and advertisers can also utilize the site to showcase their products and services as an average of 1000 young people visit the Dynamix Award Website every day.

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