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As the weeks pass, the BB Naija 2018 housemates begin to grow into the skin of their new life and more comes to light, that is when people realize that things are not as they seem to be.

It’s been almost a month since the show ended, and questions are being raised by fans of the show who are seeing some inconsistencies, rumors are surfacing and answers need to be given.

That is the case right now for BB Naija finalists Nina and Miracle who have both remained inconclusive about their relationship.

Nina has kept quiet about the whole issue concerning rumors of Miracle having a sugar mommy, but she may be making a statement as she likes a comment made by an ‘alleged’ internal source in Miracle’s camp who says she should forget anything that has to do with him, because he doesn’t love her, likewise his family.

According to the alleged source who created a fake account, Miracle, and his so-called family don’t see anything special in her, so she is best off on her own.

Nina liking this comment may mean she believes part of what is being said and she and Miracle may not be on good terms, unlike some other romantic pairs who don’t waste time to show support.

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Read the comment below and see if there is some truth to this claim.

See the screenshots below.

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