There are few Nigerians who divide public opinion as much as Former first lady of Nigeria Patience Jonathan. Perhaps the negative news she has been getting recently is responsible for people not wishing her a happy birthday on social media.


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To some, Mrs. Jonathan is a saint who helped her husband Goodluck Jonathan solidify his power while he was president and to others, she is a woman who abused the power she had as wife of the Commander in Chief.

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Born on October 25, 1957, Mama Peace as she is popularly known turns 59 today and in a surprising twist of events, social media has been quiet about her. This is surprising because any news about her usually trends. Whether she makes another gaffe or even her hairstyle, Nigerians make sure they talk about it. But as at the time of writing this report, very few people have taken to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to wish her a happy birthday.


What could be responsible for this? Is it the fact that each day, news emerges of another huge amount of money found in her account or a new hotel/shopping complex she allegedly built while in office? Have Nigerians finally realized that while we were laughing at her gaffes and antics, she was allegedly amassing wealth at our expense?

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Whatever the reason, the low output of celebratory messages for her only confirms the saying that ‘a politician is only good as soon as he or she is in office’.

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