Dr Christopher Kolade has said that Nigeria will only achieve true change when religious and ethnic sentiments are discarded and men with integrity are allowed to rule.


Daily Trust reports that the former Nigerian high commissioner to Britain said this during a symposium organised by Posterity Media in Lagos on Thursday, October 29.

Kolade said that individual qualities were more important than ethnic consideration when selecting a leader.

“Now, imagine that I walk into this gathering ‎with numerous necklaces on my neck and about seven to 10 wrist watches on both wrists, I’m sure many of you will say this man is not well. So it is for those who take from the nation’s commonwealth. Those who take more than necessary from the commonwealth are not well,” he said

He said that three factors that will help the country succeed were God, the Nigerian people and the realisation that the country belonged to everyone.


“I am aware that many of you have travelled to different parts of the world in search of greener pastures. Those countries you travelled to are your lands of opportunities, while Nigeria is your country of birth. There are those who make your land of opportunities great, so you also have a responsibility to make your country to excel like your land of opportunities.”

He advised Nigerians to start the change they desire in themselves first and be ready to make sacrifices.

Kolade added: “When some people are put in places to manage resources, their heads tell them that they are now in control. So, they start taking out of the money. They may call it security vote or something like that. When they do that consistently, it becomes a habit. That means their hands are in control of their ‎heads. But God in his mercy has given us hearts which make it easier for us to reject things that are bad.”

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