Dr. Junaid Mohammed, an elder statesman has slammed the President Buhari’s led administration, saying that corruption, indiscipline is breeding hunger and poverty in the system now than ever.

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Mohammed, who is a Second Republic legislator, stated this while fielding questions from newsmen in Abuja yesterday.



He said that Nigeria is a lot worse, less secured and a lot more corrupt, stressing “The military itself in the fight against corruption has become so compromised.”



He also criticised the extension of the tenure of the service chiefs, saying, “He has now deliberately, whimsically and illegally extended the tenure of the top Generals because some of them are his friends in whatever they are doing. And we have a situation whereby three generations of Nigerian military Generals, who are trained with huge amount of money either to take over the command of what is happening in the North-East are not given the opportunity because their seniors are busy staying and most of them are redundant, irresponsible and corrupt.”



He said that postings are now determined by who you know in the military hierarchy and are determined by how much you are willing to pay.



He alleged that the military is now involved in the same crime they are drafted to fight, pointing out that; “A lot of crimes we accuse Boko Haram of apply to the Nigerian Armed Forces. They go to villages and take over farms and fish farms. Some of the fish are transported to the South and some to Kano and they make money out of it. So, the fight against corruption has been politicised and commercialised and it is now in the interest of these top Generals to continue with this fight indefinitely because they are making money out of it.” He further alleged.

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