Princess Eunice Akenzua, CEO ARISE MARKETING CONSULTANCY shed light on international marketing after the occasion of issuance of contract letter to the brand consultant of Canei Wine in Southern Nigeria to creative brand consultant & E-101 Magazine Business Development Executive- Nelson NseAbasi. Speaking at the occasion, held at Admiralty Residency Hotel, Lekki, Lagos, Princess Akenzua told journalists and guests that Canei Wine has been all over the world from way back in the days; “Canei is the first wine I drank in my life, and the smooth taste is to be compared with non, if you were around in the 80’s, you should be familiar with the brand, it is basically old wine made new… laughs!”
Princess Akenzua & Nelson ‘Sombodi’ NseAbasi
The history of wine spans thousands of years, archeological evidence has it that the earliest known wine production occurred in what is now known today as Georgia. However, no culture is defined by their wine as Italy, as Burton Anderson noted in his work, “The Wine Atlas of Italy”, just a few decades ago, a daily supply of basic village wine; cost Italians less than their daily supply of bread. “The Wine Bible” author, Caren Macneil noted that “In Italy, wine is food…wine and bread are as essential to an Italian dinner, as a fork and knife, (probably more so)-meaning Italians will know how to brew the best wine.”

Canei Wine is a perfect blend of fruit wine that comes in 7 different flavors, giving you a wide range to choose from. On return to base in the South of Nigeria, Nelson will represent the interest of Canei wine, employing hands and strategies on behalf of Arise Marketing Consultancy, owners of the Canei Wine franchise in Africa. 

Canei Wine is a semi-sparkling wine brewed in a town called Canneli in Italy, with less than 10% alcohol content, and suitable for everyone who likes to share good moments with friends. 

This is simply because as wine professionals in Italy, manufacturers of Canei Wineunderstand that wherever you are, whatever you do, there has to be a sparkle in everything you find yourself doing!

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Princess Akenzua spoke further; “I have seen the traits of success in Nelson that is why we are identifying with him; we have also seen his works and involvements in projects we admire. When I presented him before my partners in Europe, they were also ok with him, so I was sent to Nigeria to empower him to commence work in his region. He will contribute meaningfully to our bid to spread Canei Wine to all nooks and crannies of Nigeria”.             

Princess also spoke on branding, sharing her understanding of the need to speak the language of the people in the business host community.  As at when the report was filled, containers of Italian sparkling wine are in transit to the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, precisely Edo, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, and Rivers state. The NAFDAC approved liquor is brewed in Italy using ingredients from the world’s best vineyard. 

Canei Wine will also create job employment opportunities for the host community, as they will be involved in the process of making the exotic wine available in different parts of Africa, starting with Nigeria, and Ghana.

For lovers of good life, Get ready to spark up your life with Canei Wine!


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