A mysterious death of the 28-year-old Olusayo Onikuyade led to series of accusations and suspicions by two families from Ife-Ife, Osun state. The lady has been serving as a youth corps member in Zamfara state since October.


Olusayo and Niyi on their wedding day in April 2015. Photo: Kunle Falayi via The Punch

Saturday PUNCH published a touching story that has more questions than answers at the moment.

What we know is that Olusayo’s dead body was found in her home in Ile-Ife, Osun, in the early hours of Wednesday, November 11. The deceased shared the apartment with her husband of six months simply known as Niyi.

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The vigilant neigbours noticed that there were no activities in the apartment of the couple. They decided to forcibly enter the premise, as the door was locked and nobody replied their multiple calls. The neigbours found the body of the young woman sprawled on the floor in the apartment, but Niyi was not there. He was unavailable on his mobile phone as well.

Finally, the man replied, but he kept giving different locations of his whereabouts: one time he said he was travelling Togo, then Ghana, or Ondo.

The deceased had only been back home a couple of days when she met her death.

According to the deceased’s family, Niyi occasionally had disagreements with his late wife over financial issues, as his business was reportedly not doing well.

The deceased’s father, Pastor Rotimi Gbadebo, shared his thoughts with a reporter of The Punch.

“In August, they had a fight and I had to call them to a meeting along with the family of the husband. I warned them that I must not hear of any fight between them again.

“She left for her husband’s house on Tuesday. She called for financial assistance and I promised her that I would send the money the following day. That was the last time I heard from my daughter.

“The man had been misbehaving all along. He would sometimes abandon the house and leave my daughter uncared for, for days at a time. Sometimes, my daughter would be sick and he would tell her to go back to her parents’ house to get treatment (the husband neither visited nor called for three weeks).”

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According to Saturday PUNCH, an autopsy was conducted, but the result has not been released yet.

The body of the deceased was about to be buried last Saturday, November 14, but an argument between the Gbadebos (family of the deceased) and the Olukuyides (family of the husband) degenerated to the extent that the corpse had to be returned to the mortuary.

The deceased’s family alleged the Olukuyides were treating Olusayo’s death with levity while the husband’s family insisted Niyi had no hand in her death. A brother of the suspect, Olayinka, said it was not true that Niyi was at home when his wife died.

On the controversy of Olusayo’s husband whereabouts the brother said:

“He had the intention of going to Ghana initially but financial challenges had been delaying him. We have visited the house where his wife died with the policemen investigating her death and some of the neighbours attested to the fact that Olusayo was always sick.

“The deceased always complained of headache, which they said sometimes disoriented her. The truth is, my brother did not spend enough time with her during their five-year courtship. Her family rarely allowed them to see each other, which was why he did not know about her health challenges.

“My brother kept asking about the result of the medical test they were mandated to do by the church before their wedding. He kept asking but they did not show him.”

Currently Niyi is in custody in Osogbo, as investigation continues.

“At this point, it is important we determine the cause of ,” a police spokesperson concluded.

Details on The Punch.

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