Project Fame Season nine winner, Okeimute Ighorodje

Project Fame Season nine winner, Okeimute Ighorodje has gone down memory lane to recall how she was auditioned for 2016 Project Fame but was not selected.

Speaking with Channels Television during an exclusive interview, she said, “I actually went for the competition early 2016 but that didn’t go through. I now said what next, and my sister’s husband was like since that one did not take you, why won’t you just go for Project Fame.”

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“So I just went there do the first audition and I got a ‘Yes’. That first audition was really funny because I was singing and I heard people laughing. I was surprised, why are these people laughing, so when I opened my eyes, I saw the judges flashing ‘Yes’ in my face.

“That was because my eyes were closed I didn’t know they were already telling me ‘Yes, it is okay, stop singing.’ So I went for the second day and I like this thing is just going like this, let me see how is going.

“To be very sincere when it got to the final six, I was confused on who was going to win. At that point there is no more elimination, so everybody was brought up ,” she said.

Winning the competition has taken her ambition to the next heights and given her the opportunity to work with industry big names such as Ill Bliss, Suspekt and Kezy Klef who produced her debut single, “Good Loving”.

However, her unexpected fame and thoughts of navigating the rocky path to greatness, she said can be sometimes overwhelming.

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