My Decision To Join Abacha’s Government Was In National Interest, Says Late MKO Abiola’s Running Mate, Kingibe

Babagana Kingibe, former running mate to late Moshood Abiola during the presidential election in 1993, has explained why he left the June 12 mandate and joined the late military leader, General Sani Abacha’s regime.

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Kingibe said that his joining Abacha’s regime was in national interest and not for personal interest.

He stated this on Sunday while paying a courtesy visit to Borno state Governor Babagana Umara.

“When we think of the collective good there are times when we have to sacrifice personal interest and join hands in rebuilding society and bringing peace and harmony to our people: I have addressed this issue of why did I join Abachas government and so on.”

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“I know we won the elections on June 12, 1993, I know that injustice was done when those elections were annulled but there is always one guiding principle in my public life which is that the national interest supersedes any other consideration and all my actions have been informed by this consciousness of what is best in the national interest.”

“I don’t think the celebration on the actual 12th of June 1993 was any greater than the celebration of the first democracy day on June 12; And for that I have to thank the Governor who gave the leadership, thank the people of Borno not only for celebrating June 12 as democracy day per se, but I know that they also had in mind that one of their own, their own son was also a critical player, I appreciate the confidence and love.”

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“I do appeal to all sons and daughters of Borno to always think of what is in the best interest of the people of Borno in all we do. I hope that some of us will take initiatives and appeal to people of quality who have measurable followership like Kashim Imam, Mohammed Kumalia and all those who contested and those who did not contest.

“There are leaders in Borno that are just looking at development with sadness but not being able to take initiatives to bring our people together. I hope that we will wake up and come together.”

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