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(Exclusively for Recording/Performing Artistes)
*Building The Industry*

Not only that, it is the Food of the Soul, Music can be recognized as a being a Service you can’t see it with the eyes but only the mind can filter it and you can’t touch it too but technology has created a format where a performed Music can be recorded to be replayed even at the absence of the performers thus, Music could be seen as a PRODUCT and not just a SERVICE.

In real-time Marketing, Products and Services have their own individual values but in some Industries, especially the Entertainment Industry converting your Service in to a Product is one step to show your Professionalism.

Comedy was just like every other Entertainment Block in Nigeria not until Opa Williams come up with #NightOfAThousandLaugh where Comedians preformed on stage to the audience at the venue (Service) only for it to be packaged and sold (Product) to the people who were not at the event.

The same is happening in the Music Industry since in the late 19th Century where Music Recording was discovered, millions and billions of Recorded Music had been sold world-wide and most successful Artistes made their monies from this venture.

It is not enough to be an Artiste but how VALUABLE are you?
A true test of value is achieved when people will exchange their earned value (pay) for your own but unfortunately, some Artiste are not even confident that they deserve to be paid.

The mistake most Artiste make is to look down on having their songs on the CDs to be sold. Inasmuch as the world is shifting all Its transactions to the internet but a huge percentage of the African Market is yet to embrace that so as an Artiste, don’t just believe in Online Promotions and Downloads but also take advantage of the still trending Offline Promotions and Markets.

For Upcoming Artistes, the easiest way to break in is when your song(s) will be on the Mix tape a Music Promoter is working on because the promoter will always mix both Old/Known Artiste with you the new comer so that you can soar on the wings of the known guys.

Personally, I run online promotion but it is not enough except you want to limit yourself to those in your online circles but if you aspire for a wider reach, Street Promotions is the way out.

As an Artiste, build a business team and most importantly, get a promoter to help you distribute your work as no work is heard without the presence and influence of Promotions.

Don’t just stop at rendering the SERVICE but make a PRODUCT out of your Arts.

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