Mocheddah Reveals how she Suffered Depression for 7 Years as she Launches Mental Health Platform

Popular singer, Mocheddah, has revealed that she had in the past, suffered clinical depression. This condition, which she says lasted for seven years, took her long to speak out, she said.

By her faith, medications and therapy, she was, however, able to get over it. Since then, she has been passionate about helping people with their mental health, she said.

Mocheddah set to help people battle depression


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According to the recently married singer, she is now launching the platform as a place where people can freely talk about their battles. There are therapists in place to help those that are going through such phases on the platform, she said.

The platform is named ‘Just Be Brave’.

Here is what she wrote:

My name is @mocheddah
I was diagnosed with clinical depression over 7 years ago .
I have come a long way with the help of my faith, therapy and medication.
I have developed a deep passion for spreading awareness on all things mental health …
This is a fun, open, no secret page, no judgements platform.
we also have in house therapists that can help answer questions.
we are a group of BRAVE magical individuals.
Welcome to “Just Be Brave NG”

@justbebraveng is my new baby .
It’s my mental health freedom page .
I found so much freedom when I came clean about my clinical depression,
I want so many other people to feel that freedom as well.. To live without fear.
To own our wounds
To forgive ourselves.
Am I scared ? A little
Am I nervous ? yes
Am I excited? Absofreakinlutely

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