What is required is to restore democracy in Nigeria by returning to open and democratic elections in which the citizens count the votes openly in each polling station. Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no quick fixes for problems as huge and as complex as the ones facing us today. What has grown over a period of 50+ years, and has been especially exacerbated during the past 9 years, cannot be solved in just a few years. You can’t get rid of weeds simply by cutting off their leaves or branches, or even their stalks. You have to attack them at their roots. And that is what we have to do here. We cannot afford to accept just piecemeal solutions. We need to get to the root of the problems, starting with, We need a National Assembly that is once again responsive to the will and needs of the Nigerian people as our Constitution intended. Why? Because, they are the root of so many of our major problems. They pass laws that affect major parts of the Administrative branch, corporate Nigeria, the thirty six states, and the citizens they are elected to represent….[+] Read More

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