When Judy Brown walked into Beverly Hospital, Massachusetts on Wednesday, she didn’t expect to walk out with a baby. Really, she just walked in to talk to her doctor about the severe abdominal pains she was getting. How shocking it was when her doctor said ‘Hey Judy, You’re having a baby’!!

The forty-seven-years-old woman who has been married to husband, Jason Brown, for twenty-two years now said they both had a ‘if it happens, it happens’ attitude towards having kids and didn’t expect the diagnosis the doctor gave her about being pregnant; And that wasn’t even the shocker. She was due immediately! Like she walked in to treat a stomach upset and she had to be prepped for delivery immediately.

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Her beautiful first baby named, Carolyn Rose was born at a healthy weight of 8-pound.

Judy said both the pregnancy and the birth came as surprise to both of them as they both thought the changes which she was going through in her body was attributed to the next phase of her life so when the doctors said ”It’s good news there’s no blockage, you are pregnant and you are going to have her now!’” she actually thought it was a joke.

On how she couldn’t have known she was pregnant with the increase in her tummy size, Judy Brown ascribed the belly bulge to age.

Due to the lack of preparation for baby Rose, the couple had to borrow a bassinet and stroller to take Rose home and their friends and family has been running around to help them get stuffs for the baby. “I felt like I was turning into my mother,” she said.

While speaking with WCVB news channel in Boston the couple revealed they didn’t want anymore kids and Judy said she would get surgery to stop from bearing a second child before the thought of another conception. She said the baby is already daddy’s little girl.

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Well for now, new-daddy Jason Brown says ‘When she cries, I am there’.  They have both decided she will be an only child.

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While some have found the news a happy surprise others are of the opinion it’s impossible to be pregnant and not or feel it in the slightest way. Whats your opinion? Can a woman really be pregnant without knowing?

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