Ellen Nielsen is Danish but can speak Nigerian pidgin mixed with Ghanaian accent more than you.



Ellen Nielsen aka Ellenbaby89

Internet comedian, Ellen Nielsen, is from Denmark. While volunteering in Nigeria and Ghana, she picked up pidgin English. The 23-year-old Nordic beauty is now fluent not only in both dialects but adds the nuances that come with them.

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On her Instagram, where she goes by Ellenbaby89, she posts videos displaying her linguistic and comedic skills. However, her skits appear entirely devoted to sex, relationship and food.

We don’t mind really; after all, these are the pillars of life!

Ellenbaby 89 and Vast of Bracket

Ellen with Vast (Bracket)

But one thing we cannot seem to overlook is her major crush for Vast of singing duo Bracket. (Abi they are dating ni?) She unabashedly shares photos of him with captions declaring her love for the Yori Yori singer. There are even photos of the two cuddling up. Hmmm… our eyes (and noses) are on these ones.

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As well as her wit and pidgin skills, fans are also gaga over Ellen’s full figure, which she is not afraid to display or exploit for her skits.

Her yabs are also on point especially when she is going after her haters on Snapchat.


One of Ellen’s memes.

But what we really like about Ellen is that she uses her minor fame to continue helping out the communities where she worked in Africa by sourcing for funds from her followers.

Shows that you an be obsessed with food and sex and still be a decent human being.

Here are some of her top videos that we love.

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1. When she called out her fellow women for their double standards

Please I don’t want to be equal. I am enjoying my woman qualities o 😂🍾

A video posted by Ellen (@ellenbaby89) on

2. When she tried to kill her mother-in-law

God forbid ☺️ it is not my portion. Song: Bounce it @mcgalaxymcg A video posted by Ellen (@ellenbaby89) on

3. When she called out fake pastors sliding into her DMs

Happy Sunday! Fake pastors pls gerraoutta here! 😙

A video posted by Ellen (@ellenbaby89) on

4. When dodo was bae

When Dodo is life 😂🍌 A video posted by Ellen (@ellenbaby89) on

5. When she called out guys for skills in trying to get what they want

🙄 How guys act when they want some. Tag bae if you recognize his own style for here 😂

A video posted by Ellen (@ellenbaby89) on

6. When she made use of her assets

7. When she had no time for fake ass critics

#StopTheFakeness2016 😂✋🏼

A video posted by Ellen (@ellenbaby89) on

8. When egusi was her downfall

How some people cant control themselves 😫😭 self control level on 0 😂 A video posted by Ellen (@ellenbaby89) on

9. When she agreed she looked like a tomato, but an expensive one

10. When her dance skills returned sense to her boyfriend 

11. How men come

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