Pushies Makeover
Indulge yourself with irresistible colour, a royal look and true finish with Ofonime Ukpanah’s luminous brush strokes. She accentuates the sublime, camouflages the imperfect and creates the nonexistent – yet she is committed to something very real: the feeling of beauty.
Inspired by the Christian cliché of P.U.S.H., either Pray Until Something Happens or Praise Until Something Happens; Ofonime Ukpanah birthed Pushies Makeover, the first and foremost Make up studio in Akwa Ibom State in August 1, 2006.
Ofonmie ‘Pushie’ Ukpana Receiving her award from Wetinhappen Magazine Team
Ofonime trained at the House of Tara in 2006 and began to push that same year. She believes there is need to enhance every woman’s natural beauty and at Pushie’s ultra modern makeup studio, she strives to create the true image of her clients. Through her artistry, she transforms their natural sparkle into sunlike brilliance, elevating beauties to style icons.
As a young girl, Ukpanah liked to ‘doll up’ and also drew a lot. Her passion for drawing almost overtook the need to read her books. She says she still draws occasionally, and wants badly to design and build a house with the shape of an egg.
She always thought she will end up being an architect, but she is Physics major with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Calabar (2004).
Today her passion for drawing has become the art that she has performed on more than 300 brides and counting.
She joined and worked with Celtel, when they were transiting to Zain, and resigned when they became Airtel to push the Pushies brand upward and forward.
At Pushies, Ukpanah provides Makeup solutions ranging from bridal, editorial, air brushing, body painting, and pedicure to PM-Man for grooms and men who love to be pampered.
Ukpanah likes all things pink, she is very girly and does not follow trends; she wears what suits her, and make her look good and sexy.
She is a phenomenal Go-getter, her brand name which doubles as her alias says so. She is also an activist in the fight against eyelash abuse. She has a God-given gift to make women shine.
A Pose With Friends
Her accolades include, Uyo City Awards Make Up Artist of the Year 2010, Wed Magazine Best Faces 2012, Famous People/Lagente Sportiva Entreprenuer of the year 2012, Productivity Award, Akwa Ibom Young Entreprenuer of the Year 2012, Award of Excellence in Service by HOTR Uyo and just of recent, the prestigious Wetinhappen Magazine Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year!
Let’s make a toast to a good life!
Credit: Ubong ‘Kardynal’ Ekanem

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