Mmanti Umoh combines humor, common sense and interactive Aussie charm to wow audiences like no other female keynote speaker in South Nigeria. As a female leadership speaker, Mmanti offers keynotes in personal leadership on productivity for managers and time management for employees. Mmanti has captivated audiences and is one of the most influential teachers of our time in the field of image, social media, politics, relationships and personal growth.
She is a one stop shop for Idea Building, Image Consultancy and branding. Always the one Lioness amongst Lions she is a take charge consultant. Sitting as Lead consultant at PurplePatch Consults she has consulted for  the finest brands from hotels to banks.
From the moment she steps onto the platform, the energy and excitement of her presence fills the room. When she steps on the platform you just know she is not just good, but out of this world!
She changes her program at the last minute to be more in line with what was happening.  As a popular radio personality and sought after motivational speaker, Mmanti Umoh has been a pioneer in the field of personal transformation as one of the first people to popularize the idea of self-help in the South Nigeria.
She’s won acclaim for her rousing keynote speeches, for her compelling workshops, and for her in-house training programs.
Mmanti has a way of reaching into souls and bringing out the best in humans. That’s because she’s had her share of obstacles and learned that the greatest potential is already within us — no matter how flawed or imperfect one may be.
Mmanti is also a contributing writer to online magazines, and she has a weekly radio show, Reality Talk, dealing with Real Issues that affect real people.
She features experts on how to live a happy, healthy, successful and dynamically balanced life. Her social media-coaching clients include corporate leaders, celebrity speakers, well known sports and media personalities, ministers, and sales teams. Mmanti Umoh delivers high-energy, high-content, and dramatically memorable presentations.
Mmanti is an outstanding speaker. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak at several events over the past few years, and have been highly impressed and energized each time.
In some cases, her sessions have been “Standing Room Only” – i.e. so popular and highly-attended that people have stood around the edges of the room and in doorways, just to hear her.
Her style is engaging, entertaining, direct, energy-filled, witty and full of flair. She delivers content that is insightful and valuable, and she provides practical, easy-to-use tips and guidelines for implementation.
Audiences routinely leave her sessions energized and buzzing about how enjoyable and helpfuI they found her workshop. I always look forward to attending events when she is speaking, and highly recommend it.
Read Some Reviews
You’ve motivated us to reassess our priorities and viewpoints. We’ve put your negotiation steps into our personal and professional lives.”  Dr Ajayi – Attendee Bereau For Public service Reforms Training 2011
Many of the attendees said you’ve been the best seminar this year!Director Vinaag Consults
Your keynote at the Graceland Women’s Leadership Conference was phenomenal!  You are a talented storyteller and as funny as can be. I was mesmerized and entertained and thoroughly enjoyed myself.”
Roseline Charles – Kano
“Your ability to relate to a wide spectrum of people is a real strength and you obviously held their attention. Mmanti, your energy and enthusiasm were a shot in the arm to our attendees.”
Caroline Akpan – Catholic Sisters Society. Uyo
You are my new hero and role model! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to laugh my butt off at the Bureau For Public Service Reforms training for Permanent Secretary’s. I will use this in my seminars, retreats, and workshops. I love that you make people laugh while serving their higher purposes of leadership, entrepreneurship, empowering abundance, clarity, and release of blocked energy!” [Name withheld]
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