May 29th, What We Expected, What Was Given..

Success is a goal we aspire to, which is why we aspire to become great…sadly at this point we cannot honestly say as a nation with the aspiration of a working democracy that serves the interest of the commonwealth..

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Can we say that Nigeria as a working democratic experiment has succeeded! A critical assessment of the would be structures that facilitate the success or failure when in deficit of capacity.

For the Nigerian state, which operates a Federal Constitution, the 1999 Nigerian Constitution as amended, (most would argue that, this is only in name, not in real practice)

The 1999 constitution delineates admistrative governance into three distinct tiers, Federal,State and Local Government and three distinct Arms.
The Executive led by the President at the Presidential level, Governor at the State Level, Local Government Chairman.

The Legislature at the Federal Level led by the Senate President, the State is led by the Speaker, while the Leader of council leads the local govt council..
The Third Arm of governance is the Judiciary..perhaps distinguished by its more hierarchical nature..Led by the Chief Justice of Federation upon Nomination of the NJC, executive mandate from the President nominating to the Legislature for Screening and Confirmation, at the State level the Judiciary is Led by the Chief Judge of the State..the third level is varied from the other two tiers and arm..whereas you had local govt, the third tier of Judicial governance is the Chief Magistrate..

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The 1999 Constitution also gives each Arm and tier it’s powers, exclusive and residual..

The President who leads the Executive is the official head of the Entire Government as a whole.

The United States and other Western Countries are the promoters of Democracy across the world, they posit that it is a more enlightened of governance..

On May 29th 1999 President Obasanjo took an Oath of office as the first President of our 4th Republic.

Our 4th attempt at this very complex experiment of governance…

Democracy as a practice, is a very complex endeavour which requires Operators, Politicians who vie to get into either executive position or Lawyers who are called to the bar to serve as Judges who in turn head the Judiciary..

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Today May 29th 2018 Nigeria’s current Democratic experiment is 18years an Abiku..who earlier lives were terminated much earlier on..( Nigeria’s several republic’s truncated by the military)..

Hurray..Our Democracy has survived uninterrupted for 18 years..but,Will Nigeria’s democracy get her Accolades or should we continue with our songs of #ThisIsNigeria?

We of todays generation now are also in direct negotiations with those coming right behind us, implore that all we have ever asked for our democracy and it’s best ideals be preserved..intact..

A responsive Executive

A connected and sensitive legislature..

An Efficient and Just Judiciary..
However in my opinion the most important asset is an impartial election umpire..

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Is INEC truely independent and devoid of any iota of bias..

What does it say when the niece of a beneficiary is in charge of the logistics of an election..

Perception is every thing..
Democracy is defined as government of the people, by the people and for the People.

All the arms and tiers, the various checks and balances are put in place to make sure it is representative and only works in the interest of the people..

This is the true success of Democracy..that it is representative of people’s common wish in a bid to build a successful nation.

I wish Nigeria and Nigerians a successful Democracy today as it marks her 18th year.

This democracy must survive and stand the test of time.

Anthony Ehilebo Esq.
Lawyer and public affairs Analyst