Mariah Carey's 'All i Want' lipstick by MAC in time for Christmas next year


Mariah Carey says she won't change her ways; says she wants to remain a diva just like she's often associated with the word.

Mariah Carey says she won’t change her ways; says she wants to remain a diva just like she’s often associated with the word.


“I’m still always going to be a diva in certain ways, and I don’t mean that in the bad sense of the word,” the 45-year-old, who is directing and starring in the new Hallmark Channel Movie ‘A Christmas Melody’, told Entertainment Tonight.

“I just mean, like, if there’s a makeup artist there and they don’t mind touching me up while I’m directing,” she explained.

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Although this may be her official directional debut, the mother-of-two revealed, “I’ve been directing so much of my own work for a really long time. A lot of music videos that I didn’t take credit for.”

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But though she’s often called out for being high-maintenance, Mariah doesn’t seem to care. “Why not just be yourself?” she told the site.

Yeah! Why not?

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