Lagos Policemen Lament Non-Payment Of Election Duty Allowances

Policemen attached to the Pedro Police Station, Somolu, have lamented the non-payment of their allowances for the 2019 General Elections.

gathered that the allowances, which were for election duties, had been
paid to policemen in other formations and divisions.


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However, cops attached to the Pedro division were said to have been sidelined in the payment.

One of the affected policemen said no one had explained what went wrong to them.

said, “There are 11 divisions under Area H Command and only Pedro
division has not been paid. The allowances for election duties were
supposed to be paid once into our accounts. But in our division, from
the DPO to the last constable, nobody has received a dime.

officers among us are entitled to N85,000, while the rank and file are
entitled to N35,000. We are more than 100 in number. We have done all
they asked us to do and everybody is already fed up. In the whole of
Lagos State, we are the only division that has not been paid. In other
states, it may just be a few names being skipped in a division.”

A sergeant appealed to the government not to deny them their rights.

said, “The President claims to be fighting corruption, yet we are being
denied our legitimate earnings. We have been quiet about it for fear of
being intimidated. The total amount that is to be remitted to our
division is about N8m.

“What we learnt was that the allowance was
supposed to be paid by the Integrated Payroll and Personal Information
System; we just don’t know what went wrong. We even informed the mother
of the Vice President who lives within our division with the hope that
our matter will receive urgent attention, but we still have not got
anything. We are fed up.”

The state Police Public Relations
Officer, DSP Bala Elkana, said the non-payment of the allowances was
caused by a glitch in the system.

The PPRO added that the policemen would be paid as soon as the issue was resolved.

said, “I don’t think the issue is peculiar to Pedro Police Station
alone. Majority have got their payment, only a few officers have not
received theirs. We have taken the complaint to Abuja because the
payment was controlled centrally.

“The officer in charge of
salaries is in Abuja at the moment with the complaint. The feedback I
got from him was that there was a failure of the payment platform; the
money hanged. So, they are reconciling with the Central Bank of Nigeria
and once that is done, they will get their payment.

“In Lagos, Pedro division personnel were mostly affected and a few personnel from the task force. There was also a circular from the Inspector-General of Police recently, saying that all commands should compile the names of those affected so that it could be rectified. This is not a mistake from anybody or a deliberate action. It is a system failure; so the money has not gone to anybody.”

Source:- Punchng

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