Several methods exist through which men can make their penises bigger. From penis enlargement pills to surgical methods, men that are small sized can have a sense of fulfilment from medicated and surgical methods of enhancement. However, recent research has shown that there are other natural methods through which men can enlarge their penises. This includes the “traction method,” which entails the man wearing a penile extender for between 4 to 6 hours daily for as long as five months. This method is cumbersome to say the least but there are some other methods which you as a lady can employ to make your man’s penis bigger and be the right fit for your size.


Take The Excitement To A New Level
You may not know this but one thing that makes a man’s penis big in size is the amount of blood that flows into the penis. If you’re able to get your man very aroused and turned on, the larger his penis becomes prior and during penetrative sex. As such, try as much as you can to spend more time with foreplay by including oral and other stimulatory sex routines into your sexual activities.

Exercise Your Pelvic Muscles
Try to get your partner to routinely exercise the muscles of your pelvic floor. Both you and your partner can participate in this exercise which involves flexing and releasing the lower pelvic muscles. The action is similar to holding urine in to avoid peeing. This exercise can be done during sex and it helps your man create more friction which makes him bigger and fill you in more. This action increases the intensity of sex and you both are bound to derive passionate pleasure from the experience.

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Discourage Him From Masturbating
Masturbation has some positive aspects to it. But staying off it is important if your man is concerned about the length of his penis. Staying off masturbation for a couple of days tend to increase blood flow to the penis which makes it bigger. It is quite easy for you to tell your  man to stay off masturbating if both of you are open sexually to each other. You can tell him in more ways than one how wonderful and interesting your sexual lives would be if he could only stay off masturbating for a while. Or better still, you can introduce a form of reward for him which you would increase and vary the longer he stays off masturbating.

Lastly, it helps for the both of you to be sexually open about what you want. Communication would effectively draw him closer to you because he’s relaxed and knows you won’t judge him for his size. This would have an overall positive effect on his size relative to yours.

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