KINGS’MEN Africa welcomes you​ on Friday, November 13 at 10;00Am – 02:00Pm​ to ​​ONE DAY WITH THE KING​.​

KING’SMEN – An African Mentoring Project. This project seeks to provide men and  with connection to top African Executives, Entrepreneurs and Leaders through mentorship connections in the bid to motivate, influence and coach with the intention to make a change in their lives by being a part of their stories, struggles, pressures and teaching them values, principles and the fundamentals of self, family and societal leadership.


To defy the norms and place yourself on a pedestal of greatness, you need to be authentic. KING’SMEN are mentors, supports, motivators, advisers.

KING’SMEN is about placing men and women in points of accountability, strength and helping them get honest while courageously taking responsibility for their lives and that of other men.

​Do not Miss the twitter session with @IniOnuk and @UbongKing at 12Pm Thursday 12th November, 2015.
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• @KingsmenAfrica To defy the norms and place yourself on a pedestal of greatness, you need to be authentic #KINGSMEN #IdentifyBelongBecome 

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#KINGSMEN #IdentifyBelongBecome #OneDayWithTheKing

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Identify. Belong. Become.

Be a Kingsman. Dakkada.

​Not too late to register. ​​Visit www.kingsmenworld.org​/register​

We look forward to leaving the earth better for our sons​ and daughters​than we inherited it and your positive response. 

For enquiries, please call 0802 222 5676.

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