June 12, May Your Children Not Join Your Killers To Dance On Your Grave!! – by Yomi Lawal.


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June 12, 1993, after a rollercoaster dribbling by the then political Maradona in the person of IBB and his sit tight military council, Chief MKO Abiola emerged the winner of the election.


His running mate was Babagana Kingibe, a northern Muslim chose to curry the northern vote. The fact that Abiola was a Muslim was not enough for the north to fully trust him. In contrast, the south didn’t care that Abiola had a Muslim-Muslim ticket.


After the Election was won by a wide margin with Bashir Tofa losing woefully, IBB stopped professor Humphrey Nwosu, the then elected chairman from completing the announcements of the result.


No sooner than events played out with Abacha seizing power from the clueless Yoruba man called Shonekan that Babagana Kingibe abandoned the joint mandate given to himself and Abiola to serve under Abacha who stole the Mandate.


Kingibe gladly served in a despotic Government that incarcerated MKO Abiola for winning the freest and fairest election in the history of Nigeria till date.


Guess who also quickly took up the appointment in that same despotic regime? It was Buhari, yes this same Buhari who conducted the worst election ever in the history of Nigeria.


A rumoured death by apple via imported Indian prostitutes ended Abachas life 8 years after, just as he was preparing to pave the way to become a life president.


Hours to Abiola being released from the Kingibe and Buhari endorsed incarceration of Abiola, he was poisoned and Murdered.


The Yorubas were ready to go to war after being pushed to this brink of “in your face rape”. To prevent this war, in a move brokered by the international community, reminiscent of the 1966 agreement that produced Gowon as the head of state, OBJ emerged as President with Atiku as his VP.


Buhari and Kingibe faded into political oblivion….until a Yoruba man by name Bola Ahmed Tinubu struck a deal with Buhari to help him lie his way to power in 2015. Immediately Buhari pulled off this daylight heist, Kingibe also emerged from the murky shadows and sat on Abiolas grave to orchestrate and accept the GCON award whilst not declaring the man on whose grave they sat the winner of the election his award is based on.


Today June 12, 2019, Buhari, Kingibe and the other members of the northern elites that ensured Abiola was never President of Nigeria, who also played key roles in his eventual murder will be dancing on Abiolas grave. That is not the sad part.


The sad part is that these enemies of Abiola will be dancing on Kashimawo’s grave alongside some Yorubas and Nigerians whom he proudly represented, and his children whom he gave his life for.


Buhari will lead that dance by appropriating June 12 (that he worked against), in his dance of death to achieve what Abacha failed to do, legitimise his illegitimate and stolen presidency.


May our children not dance on our graves alongside our enemies thinking they honour us, when what they should do is demand justice. Amen!

R.I.P democracy and June 12, 1993. – Yomi Lawal.


Article culled from HOPE FOR NIGERIA……

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