It was a shocking to all on Wednesday, March 30, 2012 when M.I’s brother, and label mate Jesse Jaggz via his personal Facebook account, categorically stated that he was taking a ‘voluntary exit from his label Chocolate City’, and this has also been confirmed by the label staff. M.I and Ice Prince still remain the forerunners for the label that recently signed on 3 new artiste –Pryse, Nosa and Victoria Kimani and started concentrating on the last two, when they noticed Jesse had started giving them trouble’.

According to NETng source, there are allegedly two major accusations the label made against ‘Jargo’; the first that he was financially indebted to them. The second was his sustained substance abuse. There are very strong claims that Jesse Jagz, a truly talented rapper and producer, is a Marijuana addict.

An insider told us that the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when Audu Maikori, top executive at the label summoned him via E-mail, he simply replied with two damning words ‘F**k You’. Maikori could not be contacted, and we’re told that following Jagz’ statement, he immediately contacted all staff and artistes, and instructed them not to speak to the press.

Jesse Jagz, 28, signed to the label along with his elder brother Jude ‘M.I’ Abaga in 2008 after the gifted rapper became an instant success with his debut ‘Talk about It‘. In late 2009, he went on to release his debut ‘Jagz of All Trades’ which spurned the hit songs ‘Wetin dey’ amongst other chart topping songs.

Attempts to reach him and other staff at the label through emails, phone calls and text messages have been unsuccessful. Jesse’s manager could not be reached for comments as his mobile phone was switched not connected.

But there still remain the label stars M.I and Ice Prince – two trophy acts at the successful label who have publicly assured fans Choc City will be their base for a long time.

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