After Ibiono Ibom, aluminum city- Ikot Abasi and oil city Eket will be agog as their people roll out the drums both on the 21st of December 2012 for their own carnival. The Ikot Abasi Carnival is put together by Canon-Hype Multimedia owned by Indian trained cinematographer, Paddy Robert Inyang, another product of the Digital Academy Film School in Mumbai- India, where the likes of Eddie Brendan and Smart were trained. Paddy believes that for once, there should be one event in his Ikot Abasi community that will attract their indigenes home at the end of the year to foster unity and networking for progress and posterity, so he sought the support of the Local Government Area and the Chairman gave him a go ahead.
Even at that, no carnival has met the demands of the entire people of the state from all districts and tribes. What happens when everybody deserts Uyo for other cities during Christmas? It becomes a graveyard, and our ever-busy plaza becomes as quite as ever, allowing the beauty and serenity of Nigeria’s fattest growing city to come to bare.

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