The twin brothers first decided they would marry a set of twin sisters when they were just high school boys

Talk about careful planning.

Two sets of identical twins in India had an identical twins-themed wedding after making sure everyone who participated in their ceremony were all in pairs and the same.


The grooms – Dinker and Dilraj Varikkassery, and brides Reena and Reema, were not only identical, the couples made sure the page boys, flower girls and even the officiating priests were mirror images of each other.

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It was gathered that the grooms finally met their brides after a five-year search for the most identical twin sisters they could find.


The twin brothers first decided they would marry a set of twin sisters when they were just high school boys, Daily Mail reports.

They were always inseparable from a young age, doing everything together including wearing same clothes.


“Even in matriculation exam, we scored similar marks,”

“After graduating from college, we even landed job in the same company (HCL)”, Dinker revealed.

Five years ago the pair finally decided they were ready to walk down the aisle, then the search for their perfect wives began.

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“Many proposals came following our ads in newspapers and matrimonial sites,”

The brothers even formed a group on Facebook called All Kerala Twins Group, which now has more than 300 members. 


“Occasionally, we would also organise a get-together by pooling in money from the members,” said Dilraj.

“The aim was to get suitable twin brides for ourselves.”

They finally met their perfect match, Reena and Reema through a ‘matrimonial portal’.


“When we met Reena and Reema, we knew it was them we were looking for all this while. Fortunately, they also had the similar feeling after meeting us.” Dilraj revealed.

Like their husbands, the twin sisters had similar lives, going to the same school, practicing the same profession and landing the same jobs in Dubai.

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They said they too knew they were destined to marry twin brothers.

“We had to keep searching the suitable boys for three years in a row. When we saw Dilbar and Dinker we nodded yes to each other. It was a wonderful experience,” Reena told Daily Mail.


After they agreed to marry each other, the hunt began for Identical twins who would participate at their wedding.

Priests Rezi and Rozy Manaparambil were fully booked, which meant the twin couples had to wait  for months till their schedules were a bit lighter.


It wasn’t too hard to find the identical flower girls Ansa and Asna and page boys Henry and Hendri who came from their neighbourhood.

The wedding finally held at St. Xavier’s Church, in the small town of Pullur.

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