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According to the rapper, there's hope for a brighter future in film-making in Nigeria even though he agrees that there's room for improvement.

Illbliss is quite positive when it comes to movie production in Nigeria. According to the rapper, there’s hope for a brighter future in film-making even though he agrees that there’s room for improvement.

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“I produced a 26 minute film called HEX, the rapper explains to Pulse TV. “I was at the screening for the film at The Palms and we didn’t know what to expect but when we came out and saw a hall packed out with people anticipating… I think they just wanted to know what these music video people were going to bring into the movie industry and we blew them away…”

“The love is been crazy and it has kind of encouraged us to go back and make proper feature films and not just short films anymore and that’s what we’re doing next year [2016]” Illbliss adds.


The music maker also recognize the fact that Nigerians are beginning to accept the cinema era. “The film appreciation for local films is growing… it’s still not there yet but we are getting there. You can’t compare the kind of figures used for films like ‘Transformers’, ‘Fast & Furious’ to what we have here but it’s a process. Give us a couple more years and its gonna get there. The movies are getting more daring and interesting so…”

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When asked what role does music have to play in movie making, Illbliss explained that, “For HEX, the soundtrack is amazing… I had Chidinma, Phyno, Black Magic and myself on some of the songs.. We used the music to push the movie so it gives us more opportunities to record order than recording for your albums. We created the theme music for the film so we are still out there.”

Therefore, with better production, massive cinema attendance and better soundtracks, local films have the chance of becoming better. Do you agree with Illbliss?

Watch Pulse Exclusive video below:

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