The Indigenous People Of Biafra, has reacted to the statement issued by Theophilus Danjuma in a convocation arena last week calling on Nigerians to defend themselves.


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According to report Danjuma allegedly accused security forces of colluding with the ethno supremacist who want full control of Nigeria.


What’s amazing is the ethno religious bias that has encapsulated the mind of nearly all Nigerians. Nobody has called his statement treason… Everyone is just mute the group said.


Take it back to world igbo congress in 2015 were Mazi Nnamdi Kanu just like Danjuma called for arms to defend the igbo homeland.


Nigerians greeted his request with a frenzy like the crowd who shouted Crucify him!, in the public trial of Jesus.. But on several occasions afterwards, he clarified his purpose for arms request.. He said it was to defend the Igbo farm land from Fulani herdsmen invasion who butcher rural dwellers and farmers in a scale unprecedented…. He foresaw it … And as a prophet he was giving a mandate to avert it.


The group also accused Nigerians of conspiring to kill him through outright criticism or silence when he was persecuted.


According to the group the meal of death is served. The killing fields are open. A tale of woes for all people who do not belong to this ethnic jingoist. Even the elites like Danjum , Unongo who felt comfortable initially are beginning to feel the bite and the pangs of these herders determined to dislodge many.


But that’s not the problem of the group, the problem is you who was giving support and justification to Kanu’s persecution… If you ever called for his head and you mocked him , but you pretend not to hear Danjuma’s call for arms, your mumu is beyond redemption..


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