If Buhari had resigned as Nigeria’s president

Editor’s note: Muhammadu Buhari recently disclosed that he nearly run away from the office of the president, when he saw there was no money to work for the Nigerian people after winning the 2015 elections.

Elpower David, one of the guest contributors, in this piece supposes what would happen if Buhari had absconded.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the editorial policy of

Buhari good bye

If Buhari had absconded, 300 shite members wouldn’t have been killed in board day light in Zaira by the Nigerian army.

If Buhari had absconded, a bag of rice would still be N10, 000.

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If Buhari had absconded, $1 would still equal N195.

If Buhari had absconded, 1 litre of PMS would still be N87.

If Buhari had absconded, hundreds of young protesting men wouldn’t have been killed by the army and police in Onitsha, Aba and Enugu.

If Buhari had resigned, women pride of Nigeria wouldn’t have been insulted in Germany that has a female Chancellor.

If Buhari had absconded, life would have been much better as we wouldn’t have entered recession.

If only Buhari had absconded, Nigerians would be able to save part of their salary in bank.

If Buhari had absconded, millions wouldn’t have lost their jobs in the banking environment.

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