Pretty and sexy Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya has risen to be one of the hottest stars in the business.

Beverly admitted that she loves acting and taking challenging roles in a film but being a s*x maniac isn’t one of those roles she would take on.

“A woman that just has s*x all the time in a film and literally does nothing else… that’s a role I will certainly turn down,” Naya said.

“There’s nothing challenging about that,” the actress went on to say.

The ‘Before 30’ star , who went for an all-black look for the night, also shared her thought on the importance of social media to filmmaking in Nigeria (or Africa).

“Social media plays a huge role to movie making. It’s vital for publicity and also for the exposure of not only the film but also the cast, actors, actresses and even producers,” she said.

“I understand some people use social media platforms for not too good reasons but if it’s used for the purpose of education, publicity and sharing information, then it works perfectly.” she added.

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