Afrobeat singer Oluwarotimi Martins popularly known as Alariwo has said that he is not done with music yet.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment News on Channels Television the singer explained that his kind of music is a bit complicated which has made him off the lime light for years.

“I am taking my time, I am a musician and not an entertainer, my kind of musical play is a bit complicated and it is so complicated now that if I bring it out it might not see the light of the day.

However, the self-professed ‘Alariwo Of Africa’ claims his business in music isn’t done and he is now more inspired as far as pricking the conscience of the public with conscious music.

“If I will have to release a song soon, it will be about the situation of the country, it will be about where is the president, it will be about why the president can’t tell us what is wrong with him, it will about the financial and negativity in the country, it will be about politicians stealing money claiming to be leaders, that is what it is going to be about.” He said

Speaking on what has kept him going since his music has been on hold, the singer explained that he is a multi-talented act so he does a different kind of things.

“I am a cross over king, I do a different kind of things, I am a musician, I am a comedian, I am an actor, and I am an event planner. As long as it puts food on the table in my family that is all that counts.

“People just know me as a musician but I am a broadcaster by profession. When the time is right for the music to come out, people will just hear reasonable, matured, positive music.” He said

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